Saturday, September 27, 2008

Teen Bedroom Project

This is the bedroom of a fun loving teen girl. When we met for our consultation she had already painted her bedroom the vibrant lime green color you see here! I love the color. She said that she wanted to do something with her alcove area in her room. We talked for a bit, and she decided that she would like a magnetic chalkboard, which was painted on with magnetic paint and chalkboard paint in the center and on either side. She also decided that she wanted to use the black magnetic paint so she could hang up pictures of friends and other fun items. I did a 1 or 1 1/2 inch boarder around each of the boards in hot pink and a turquoise color. She also stated that she would like the image of a tree without leaves in black in the background. Too Fun and Too Cute!!!

*If you ever use magnetic paint you need to apply many coats to make sure that the magnetic specks are evenly distributed on the wall. Also I prefer to use the actual paint verses the spray paint for a more even look. I also like to use the small roller brushes to apply the paint. You can use another color of paint on the magnetic paint if desired. The chalkboard paint is black and I believe also comes in green.

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