Friday, November 21, 2008

Your Passion

What do you think about the most when you are lying alone in the dark. No distractions. No pressures from the world telling you what you should be and or what you should be doing. Usually it is those thoughts in those moments that reveal your true self. Your true passion. So often we can deny that voice and push through the way that we "think" we should be living. But our true self is not being nurtured. My brain is constantly working. I am always thinking about the next creative project! My goals for myself are very high! I truly believe that at the right moment... I will be able to use my gifts of creativity in an incredible way. The difficult part is trusting God's process and God's timing. For me I really feel that the time is now to pursue my passions in life. My son and my husband inspire me to be a woman true to herself and not afraid to live her best life. My best life is Creating work that I love! Live your Best Life Too!

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