Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Morning... Coffee and Creative Thinking

"Indian Woman"
Artist: Lovlee H. Tang

"Wooden Face"
Artist: Lovlee H. Tang

I am learning that being true to yourself as an artist, is an evolving process. For me, it takes self love, determination, and belief in the gifts that God has given me as an artist to fight the desire to conform. Conform into the type of artist /person that I feel is easily accepted. I am in my 30's now, and I remember my friends and family saying that when you hit your 30's you become less concerned about what others think about you. The insecurities of your 20's are beginning to fade away and your true sense of self is blossoming. I am at the point in my life as an artist that I want to share my creativity with others. It has been a process for me to get to this point. I also know that I want my son to look at his mommy and see that she was not afraid to take risks. I want him to see that his mommy was not afraid to go after her dreams no matter what the outcome. I want to be able to encourage him with his goals and dreams and feel in my heart that my encouragement comes from a place of true experience and perseverance.

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