Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Home is My Canvas!

Here are a few pics. from my current house and one from our previous apartment. Keep in mind that I have a baby and a husband. So you may see a little clutter :-)! My home is "lived in"!

I have only shown portions of the kitchen with a picture of my kitchen painted ceiling, the dining room area. I love filling my home with my own art, as well as paintings from my family and other artists. I believe that a white wall or ceiling is a blank canvas screaming for a coat of paint and a cool design!

I wanted to write this blog for two reasons. One because I wanted to give a little glimpse into my home world... and two because I truly believe that you should make any space that you live in a reflection of you! I have heard many people say that they don't want to put up any pictures or paint the spaces that they live in because they are renting or they are afraid to put holes in the walls or they have a fear of paint colors. I say to them...make your space a home. Often times we can have high hopes for a place, but we allow 2,5,10 yrs. to go by with out creating life in our space. Home to me is more than a place where I eat and sleep. I want to have a home that is reflects me and is inspiring to me. I want people to feel warm and at peace when they come over to my house. I want for people to leave inspired and with a vision for their own personal space!

The goal is not to have the most expensive furniture, art, or appliances...the goal is to have a home filled with the things you love. The goal is for people to come into your home and leave knowing a little bit more about you as a person!

Let this new year be a year that you are not afraid to take risks with your home. Maybe you will paint, or buy a new throw pillow for that splash of color!! Go For It!

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