Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Art on Display

This past Friday, I took my art to a little Sushi Restaurant in Media, PA for their Second Saturday event. Many of the boroughs in my area will have monthly opportunities for local artist to display their works of art :-). The name of the place is called Sweets n' Stuff. Different kind of name...I think they kept the name of the previous business. My paintings will be there of the month of December and picked up on the second weekend in January.

I have one painting that I have not featured on my blog yet..I don't believe, entitled Falling Roses. This is made out of plaster paper, recycled rose stems, silk leaves...all glued to a board. I also used acrylic paint on the flowers and the board. This is a really fun process, and it allows you to combine sculpture with the process of creating a painting.

I will include my new project hopefully today or tomorrow! Until then...have a great day!

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Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Your art really is amazing. It jumps right off the canvas. Really wonderful to see.

Happy new year!