Friday, January 2, 2009

Sculpture Art by ME!

Title: "Floating Branch in the Wind" $300
this painting is about 2'x 2'

This piece of sculpture art was created by combining many elements. I used a branch that I had been saving for at least a year from a friends yard:-), silk leaves, and plaster paper which I molded to look liked flower heads. acrylic paint, and a piece of plywood. One day I will have to do a demo of this project technique.

“The Humming Birds” $425
measures about 3' x 1'

I love this painting because of the way the pieces of wood are placed. I also call this style of painting my snap shot paintings. You've seen those pic. where it may be a persons face, but they have taken individual pictures of the mouth, eyes, lips, etc. and placed them together to create a complete face. You follow me? :-) Anyway, that is what I think about when I create these pieces also.

Title: "Lady Praise" $500

3 1/2' x 2'

I love to paint on wood. I simply go to Home Depot and have them cut a board into segments...and when I am ready to create my "sculpture art" I glue the pieces the way that I want them...and then I create. I typically do not know what I am going to paint on my glued pieces of wood until I start painting.


Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Wow, the closeups are even more impressive. It's nice to get a closer look.

ferne said...

I am enjoying all of your art pieces on your blog and especially the way you show us that you are a very real person with a passion!

It was good to meet you and I enjoyed the comment you left on my blog. Thank you!

I think my favorite of your work is the sunflower picture and the chalkboard art. But, wearing art is definitely a very cool thing!