Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Featured Artist: Larry Earl Jones

I know that the Christmas Holiday has passed, but I wanted to feature this artist on my blog. These are two handmade Santa Clause ornaments. They were made by using portions of a small branch from a bush, paint, clear protective coating, and cotton. They both have so much expression, and they are truly Whimsical and Fun...bringing life to any tree.

Larry E. Jones is my father! I woke this morning thinking about how much I loved this creative project he did. I know that I have written about the creative women in my family that have inspired my father is also added to that list. He has always been good with his hands. When I was younger, he would make frames for my early paintings, building small shelves that would hang on the wall, and I also remember him refinishing old furniture that he would find. He has always been my biggist fan and supporter of my work and my development as an artist!! I love my daddy and he truly inspires me to be a better person!


traci said...

those are so cute. it is wonderful that your dad's artistic genes got passed along to you.

Creative Minds said...

those are too cute!