Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Place of my Own...My Studio

My Studio is on the Third Floor (the Fourth if you count our basement!) I am going to paint these steps oneday with words of inspiration leading up!

I just tried to give a view of the whole space!

These two pictures below are of my supply closet. I have my finished paintings on one side and my supplies on the other. It is amazing how large it is! I love it!

After reading one of my favorite blogs several weeks ago, I left feeling both challenged and inspired to create a place of my own. When my husband and I chose the house that was going to become our first HOME, it was so important to me that it had a place that I could turn into a personal studio/sanctuary!!! Well needless to say, God did answer that prayer, but I had not had or made enough time to clean, organize it, and make it my own...until now.

We need to make time for the things that are important to us, and as artists, we need to have a space to create freely! It took me many days, but I am happy to say that I am done for now. I have a couple other projects that I would like to do in there...but they will get done in due time. Enjoy!!!! My encouragement to you is to create a special place of your own too!

Check out the before pictures on


Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

It's awesome to have your own private space for creativity.

I absolutely love that idea of painting the steps with words of wisdom.

I saw something like that on steps in a magazine once and remember thinking how great that effect looks.

floreta said...

wow, i love your space. i'm drawn to the giraffe painting as well. :)