Thursday, February 26, 2009

A little frustrated about this project!

Well I had this mosaic project in mind for many days. I had gathered together all of the broken dishes, broken clay pots, and glass that I had been collecting. I also had these glass circular tiles that I couldn't wait to use. I am not quite sure where the problem came about, but I decided to glue my legs to my mosaic trivet on first.

Then I painted my board because I noticed that you could see the wood through the glass beads. Now that I think about it...this could have caused my problem. The paint may have made the wood too wet...and the wet glue probably added to the moisture too.

Then I began the gluing process. After I had glued my glass onto the board...I noticed a few days later that my wood had warped, causing it not to rest flat on a surface. It has an annoying rock to it now. You know the rocking back and fourth of a table let that is a little too short...and you stick paper underneath it to make it steady...Well that is what I am going to have to do for this piece :-( I had such high hopes for this project. I wanted to post it on my etsy site. Oh will not go to waist...I will put it to good use! Unless Someone desires to have own it! It is still beautiful art! I still am not done yet! I have to continue to clear away the grout (I like to use a paint can opener for that) and maybe add a little more grout in certain areas. Lastly buff the glass a bit to get that shine!!!

Well, I'll post those pics. when I am done!!

Until next time,


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Indrayani aka, Indi! said...

I like how it looks in the pics though...
the rocking doesnt show!! :D

And dun worry that u have learnt ur lesson, you will do it better the next time...! :)