Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Mixed Media Art Piece

March was a very eventful month...I have learned a lot...I am now one year older! Although it is not always easy... I am continuing to learn and grow in the areas of mind, body and soul. I truly want to get better as I get older. Well...I have managed to pull myself out of the business of life to show one of the two projects I have created.

Title of Piece, " Hummingbird in the Garden I "
40" x 13" $250

This piece started out as a board and chair rail trim...cut to size.. purchased from Home Depot. I combined my love for color, texture and natural elements to create this piece.

I glued the trim around the wood to create a frame before painting the picture...I added the dividing pieces at the very end...before signing the piece.

The flowers are made of plaster paper...(which can be purchased at most craft stores) and window screen. I shaped each flower head using aluminum foil.

Once you have your shapes cut your plaster paper into strips and soften each piece separately in a dish of hot water...then mold each piece around your flower.

Once the plaster flower heads are semi-dry...poke holes in the centers of them so they can be attached to the board later.

I have found that hammering a nail in the spots that I want to attach the flowers helps to secure them better. I place a flower head over each nail, and I also add glue underneath the flower head for added security. Then I hammer the nail so that it bends over the center of the flower...I later cover that portion of the nail with more plaster paper to create the center of the flower bud.

The Flowers...

The creation of my hummingbird...

In this piece you will also see...acrylic paint (background needs to be painted before all other elements can be added :-), accents of stained glass, and tissue paper for some of the blades of grass and turquoise flower heads. I used decoupage for that technique. I like that the colors are a bit muted...when you look at it...I think it has a feel of a pastel or a watercolor...very soft.

This is not the easiest piece to create...but you will be experiencing the best of both worlds...painting meets sculpture. I love demensional art!!!

For now this piece hangs in my dining room...until it is purchased by you =). I have a second piece called "Hummingbird in the Garden II" that I hope to post soon. That one was made on an old window I found on the side of the road...

Thank you all for stopping by...and Until Next Time...

Lovlee :-)


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Anonymous said...

Wow. This is so amazing! I would have never thought to do something like this. Beautiful.